Dog Fur Is No Longer A Nightmare! – Here Is the Complete List of the Best Vacuum for Pet Hair

Finding  the best pet hair vacuum is crucial if your home has a furry friend. Cleaning your space is something you may neglect or be too lazy to do. Notably, it can become a nightmare if your dog fur sheds continuously. Whether your house has hardwood floors or carpets, we have found some of the top picks to guarantee it is free of unwanted fluff. 

How are these vacuums different from other units? Those made with hair elimination in mind tend to come with a motorized brush head for working fluff up from the upholstery. Plus, they may include different filters to deal with  hair as well as any allergens that comes with owning a pet. 

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Regarding type and style, you can get uprights, cylinders, and stick vacuums, all designed specially to remove pet hair; that is why it depends on your preferences.

What is the best fit for your needs and wants?

Standard vacuum cleaners are not all great at collecting pet hair. Also, based on the animal that you own,  several strands are more vulnerable to shedding and sticking to your furniture, carpets, and others. 

Our best vacuum cleaner for dog hair  is the Big Ball Animal 2 from Dyson. Its cleaning power is difficult to top; besides, it is incredibly simple to use and also extremely maneuverable. 

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a cordless product, the Blade 2 Max from Vax is powerful enough to clean your house and steal your heart. We’ll take a closer look at them all in the list below.

The Top 5 Rated Vacuum for Pet Hair

1. Big Ball Animal 2 - by Dyson 

For a big house with a couple of pets, we suggest you bring home the Big Ball Animal 2 from Dyson. The excellent brush-head manages to gather all the hair left behind by your furry friends without becoming entangled. Also, the motorized brush bar is capable of removing stubborn dirt and dust that accompanies their muddy paws. 

Remarkable ability to get rid of pet hair

This cylinder unit is fantastic for fast yet thorough vacuuming. It comes with a pneumatic head, which makes an automatic adjustment between different types of flooring for optimal efficiency around your living space. From hair-ridden carpets to stubborn dirt, it picks up them all. While the standard power mode works decently, the max mode works excellently on the worst dirt.

If your cats wreck the carpet with dirt this amazing Dyson tackles it effortlessly making it appear good as new.

Useful attachments for all different tasks

From the turbine head to eliminate dust on your hardwood floors to rotating heads for hair removal on your stairs, this vacuum will undoubtedly be helpful. The standard crevice tools manage to gather the dirt and fluff bits that escape into your home’s corners, as well. With the long hose, your machine can reach no matter where it is necessary for cleaning.


People with pets are bound to know that the chore of cleaning is a tight race against time with their cats trying to flee the house because of  the noise or an overexcited dog attempting to play with the vacuum’s brush. So, we were impressed by the fact that this device is easy and fast to use. The signature ball provides optimal maneuverability. It is not the most lightweight, but this small cylinder is a lot more straightforward to carry as opposed to some of its famous rivals.

If you favor an upright,  you may still want to consider the Ball Animal 2 from Dyson, as it has an  upright version.

2. Blade 2 Max Cordless Handstick Vacuum Cleaner - by Vax 

This model has three times more suction power  than the older cordless units, thus making it one of the best cordless vacuum for pet hair . It can stand up to the most fantastic corded machine as well – a terrific choice for your small spaces. No wonder many people consider it their favorite vacuum cleaner.

The battery life...

It should be the first thing to think about when  shopping for a cordless product, particularly if you plan to  use it all over your  home. The battery of this model lasts for 45 minutes and 15 minutes on maximum setting. The charge time for full power is approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes. 

Its suction power

If you use it for 45 minutes (on the standard power setting), how does it measure up? On the lowest setting, the machine does not run as well as you expect. Yet, it does work exceptionally on the higher setting, even on your fluff-ridden carpets, as well as for removing hair from your hard floors. That being said, using it on the maximum power  the time of vacuuming is limited to only about 15 minutes, which for some, makes it one fantastic second vacuum for pet hair trouble-shooting instead of the one for servicing the whole house efficiently.


The device can be quickly converted into a handheld vacuum, which helps as you have pets shedding their fur in the car, and on upholstery. Also, you can use it to collect spillages on your kitchen work surfaces fast. 

The capacity of the bin

As expected from cordless handheld models, the bin capacity is not on par with the top corded choices. This Vacuum’s bin is only 0.6ltrs; that is why you need to empty it regularly. On a brighter note, its removability is equivalent to simple emptying. As a bonus, when it fills, it still maintains the suction power.

Straightforwardness to use

The product weighs only  3kg, or 2kg as one handheld vacuum. It is about what you should hope for a cordless cleaner, yet it is undoubtedly a lot lighter compared to many heftier top options. If you have a hard time moving a heavy machine around, this unit should be your choice.

One of our favorite features is the DustTracker headlights that work excellently to detect all the pet hair under your sofa, which is unnoticeable in daylight. A dusting brush, crevice tool, and the tool caddy are some of the other attachments. When it comes to storage, this device comes with a wall mount, which is particularly fantastic for small places or if the machine is to be stored in your kitchen cupboard to be charged. That being said, you may not like its levels of noise when at the highest power setting.

3. Ball Animal 2 pet vacuum cleaner - by Dyson 

Do you have dogs or so, like a Dyson product, yet favor an upright over the cylinder mentioned above? Then, we suggest you go for the Ball Animal 2 from this brand. This best vacuum for dog hair features amazing brush heads that can collect all the hair left behind by your pets, without becoming tangled up. Not all, thanks to the motorized brush bar, the stubborn dirt from their muddy paws will disappear in no time.

Ability to deal with all debris and all types of flooring

Whether it is hair-bedded carpets or mud-affected kitchen tiles, this model can handle them well. Owing to the powerful suction, it does the job fantastically well and fast, yet you may desire to turn it down sometimes when dealing with carpets, since it can be more challenging to push. Another upside, it will not scatter any dirt around and reach the room’s edges with ease.


This Dyson features one two-in-one equipment for cobwebs and dust, one stair tool, as well as a tangle-free turbine tool – ideal for dealing with every type of pet hair. 

Ease of use

The vacuum’s telltale ball and low profile head make swishing the machine round comfortable. Thanks to the long cord, you will be slowed by changing sockets. Plus, the handle will provide you with as much reach as needed while you detail stairs. While it is not the most lightweight, the neat design makes it easy to carry and store.

4. 10661220 Blizzard CX1 Cat and Dog PowerLine Bagless Vacuum Cleaner - by Miele

In case you didn't know, Dyson is not the only company to make  remarkable bagless vacuum cleaners for pet hair, as this model from Miele proves. For those who are not team Dyson, we recommend you use this bag-free model partly because of its top-notch engineering.

Removal of pet hair as well as allergies

Pet hair and dried mud are thwarted with ease by this machine, which carries the excellent HEPA (High-efficiency particulate air) AirClean filter. If you have allergies and pets in your, this unit will eliminate them and is easy to empty. Its self-cleaning function is outstanding – we have said all the time that vacuums need cleaning as well. Besides, this Miele comes with a large dust tank compared to many other bagless models.

Ease of use

This machine’s suction is excellent, and it features many great tools, all tidily stowed in the cleaner’s body. It is easy to switch between settings – all you need to do is flip the foot control for the brush adjustment or the cable retraction. 

This product is not the smallest, but its neat design makes it effortless to move around and store. Yet, when the machine is in the high mode of suction on your carpet, you may notice its strength and weight, so we suggest you turn it down for it to glide with more ease.


Moving this vacuum with one telescopic tube is simple, so those with back concerns will not find the item to be challenging to use. Still, on the weighty side, you may favor a more lightweight unit if your house has many stairs. 

5. DuoClean Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner with Powered Lift-Away and TruePet IC160UKT - by Shark 

Do you plan on buying a cleaner that is tough on pet fur? Yet,  you can't determine which style you want? If so, this Shark is fantastic for those who desire to try a cordless model while still loving the upright’s cleaning style.

Vacuum’s new breed 

If the best stick vacuum for pet hair is considered one speedy greyhound, a cylinder vacuum a compact and sturdy bulldog, and an upright cleaner a trustworthy Labrador, then this model is an impressive mongrel. In the upright mode, it is suitable for people who desire the convenience and agility of a cordless machine yet would favor an upright cleaner.  With a quick click and lift, the cylinder will detach enabling you to transport it when you handle the stairs. 

Charging and power

The battery life is up to 50 minutes, which will provide you with a lot of time to do the cleaning , and you can purchase one spare battery for charging when you are using the other. You may also love the impressive power and the quietness of the machine.

Though boost mode makes the battery life shorter, if you tend to clean little and often, this model will be your best fit. The light does a fantastic job of illuminating debris and dust; that is why you will never miss a thing.

TruePet technology

As its name suggests, the machine is intended for pet owners. But how does it deal with et hair and dirt? The answer should be “excellent”. The attachments and foot work to lift fur easily, and the boost button manages to pull up the ingrained dirt from your floors. According to reviews, though long hair can become tangled in the vacuum’s brush, it can be easily removed. 

How to buy your best vacuum for cat hair or so

When selecting your most suitable models, you should account for a couple of things.

1. Flooring

Which flooring type do you have? In case your dogs, cats, etc. usually molt throughout your place, you may want to reach for a cleaner which is adaptable to every type of flooring - for example, laminate floors and carpets. If your house only has carpets, you should rely on a model with a great brush that can remove the hair from your carpeting pile.

2. Cordless or corded?

You should also think about what necessary spaces to vacuum. The ball technology of Dyson works to reach under furniture and corners; meanwhile, a cordless unit will make getting to the difficult-to-reach more comfortable and let you clean your car as well. 

3. Robot vacuums

They are fantastic for your floor, yet you will need one secondary machine for cleaning the rest of your house thoroughly. In case your dogs get on your furniture, you will certainly need a device with attachments and brushes to help get rid of hair. 

Does your dog bark at your vacuum, thus making your home cleaning a headache? If he does, you can count on a robotic model. You can let it do its job when you and your pet are out.

4. How about bagless units?

While some may prefer a bagged vacuum, it is worth noting that you will have to keep purchasing new bags, making it more pricey over time. A bagless device can be inconvenient to empty, but if it is light, lifting it to your bin is possible.

5. The vacuuming capacity

If your home has more than one pet, you should check the capacity of the cleaner so you will not have to empty it too frequently. In essence, the lighter the machine is, the smaller the capacity it has.

6. Suction power

It is among the most crucial characteristics of an excellent vacuum. Unfortunately, manufacturers do not all list their machine’s suction power with the standard measurement unit - for instance, AW (Airwatts), hence making it difficult to compare models. Do not worry, though. All of the product recommendations above have incredible suction power so that you can make your buying choice more quickly.

7. The level of noise 

Think about this factor if you have a napping pet at home all day or a dog who hates loud noises.

8. Brand

Many famous vacuum brands like Vax and Dyson have today released specialized cleaners for pet hair with far stronger suction and allergy filters for people with particular sensitivity. They will prevent the fur from being deepened into your carpet and escaping irritating substances into your breathing air.

In a nutshell

We hope the recommendations and guide above help you narrow down your options and find your best fit more quickly. If you have any related questions, please feel free to comment below. Also, do not forget to share it with those who you think may be concerned about if you find the post to be useful!